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I know you want to make a difference delivering a meaningful contribution while being compensated for your expertise. If you are a creative, holistic, entrepreneur, or run a conventional business model, you still need support. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life and watched the world of business continually change, which takes a bit of navigating.  

Doing what is perceived to be an unusual job, I had to shape a new, model that would fit my vision, my talents, my expertise, one that followed my passion and allowed me to support others. 

I found that model and have built a successful business doing what I love, showing others how to maximise their talents, skills, and mindset to succeed.

I work with mostly solo business owners because they do it alone, usually doing everything themselves, which is why they crash and lose their way. My RESET program helps them eliminate what is not working, re-align, and focus on what is needed. I often find their mindset limits their income because they are drowning in fear of not being or doing enough.

You have to invest time and energy to be in business, stay in business, and grow your business.

If you want to launch a business or refine an existing one or you are confused about the best way to get started or...

If you are a...

  • You are reliving the same day over and over.
  • You are confused or feel overwhelmed by your workload.
  • You want to earn a five-figure income every month.
  • You want to set up the online part of your business but not sure what works.
  • You want to take the leap from hobby to business.
  • You don’t know much about marketing or managing a business.
  • Most of the business info out there doesn’t suit your vision or values.
  • Your feel worried you might not make it.
  • You are overwhelmed and confused about where you are headed.

Then we need to talk...

It is time to look deeper and build the business you truly desire.

Take a look at some of my packages.

Mindful business - This is designed for the intuitive, teacher, or practitioner that may be setting up a new business or feeling stuck in an existing one.

Business Reset - This is to assist an existing business to re-align and supercharge your mindset, while getting your focus on earning what you desire.

Strategy Report - An incredible planning tool to show you what is blocking your business now and what is possible. This is very good for financial consistency and fulfilment.

Business Consultations - This is where I combine a reading and mentoring session all in one, which is ideal for an existing business or to set up a new one.


Take a look at my website for options and costs. -

Take a look at the starting packages below, then come and have a free chat and meet me to decide if this is for you. There is no obligation and a chat is free.

I hope to meet you soon. 

Thanks, Rosina

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