My Top 6 Tips for 2020

 A 4 numerology aspect, a new decade and an absolute chance to begin fresh. Welcome, 2020!

Happy New Year! Are you feeling it? don't worry if you are not because until the 12th January the energy will feel uncertain and sadly the grey skies don't help. I do send me my love to all our Ozzie friends, I hope that you are safe and secure and holding your own during this challenging time. 

 New Decade!

My mother used to talk about this time and western structures world would change and we are certainly seeing this through technology and Governments. So what does the 4 mean and how will it affect you?

I will send you a few emails this month about the 2020 year an what we can expect, to help you understand what you have on your side as the 4 can be a tricky number. The key to success will come through information, also by being adaptable and focusing on what truly satisfies you. Right off the bat, it asks you to work through the negative and find your big picture. I feel we are already seeing this in how many are feeling unenthusiastic about their beginning but don't worry, your energy will come back into line and you will find your joy about the year after the 12th passes.

We have a Saturn, Pluto Conjunction and this astrological line up has not been with us for 735 years - I did a bit of research and The Knights Templer was setting up money foundations (banking systems) under this sky influence, which is why the banking sector will come under the microscope and me for one feel very excited as to what may occur. We are certainly in new territory and we will see the likes of Facebook show up offering to lend money and I am not sure how this will roll out - certainly one to watch. Read the full blog 

The 4 is all about work, money, and foundations. How do you feel about your work and money status right now? Do your foundations feel strong or do they need a little work? Are you happy in your job or business?

Try taking a longer view with your planning, a five-plus years view with regular measures put in place that you follow. I know the more checks and balances you put in place, the better the outcomes and it will be those who look at the detail that will enjoy success.

You MUST have a big picture or you may end up lost in clutter or lose sight of the year. Be careful not to get caught up in things that don't really matter.

Here are my top 6 tips for the year.

1. Decisions Making

Know your facts - You need to research and gather as much information as you can, as information is key to seeing through the negative and don't rush as you are better to decide once and trust your instincts. You will feel better if you make decisions rather than avoid making them, simply chose as making assumptions could create/increase conflict, so mean what you say and own what you deliver.

When you are anxious you will find it harder to make decisions and could lose sight of time.

Exercise is something that could be overlooked due to the heaviness of the energy surrounding us. Please be mindful of your health and wellbeing as again balance is the key to happiness and satisfaction.

2. Emotional Satisfaction - 

Work will be the focus which means money can be made and some will do very well. Relationships will come into question as some will want to work more and others could feel left behind. You must be vigilant within your heart relationships as it will be easy to lose sight of what matters due to the drive to focus on work. Love matters, and it will be easier to lose track of those that matter and create division. Maintain a balance and enjoy work and love. 

3. Work - 

The 4 is the work number which means the drive for work success will increase and the desire for satisfaction will be front and center. You may want to look for a new job or start a side hustle because most of us will have a strong desire to be financially secure. Satisfaction is powerful and you must focus on how to maximise your love for work.

4. Money - 

Get your foundations in order.

Make sure you feel safe and secure.

Take the advice you need to maximise your wealth.

There will be lots of distractions coming through the media which will unsettle some but don't buy into anything unless it affects you directly as staying focused will keep you grounded and make you money. 

The drama will increase because of the negative naysayers and you will need to ignore many, instead of getting caught up in others' affairs, manage your time well and stick to the facts. 

5. Mindset - 

If your mind is all over the place then you will attract negative clutter. Supporting yourself matters more than ever before because this year will be one out of the bag. Groom the mind and enjoy the rewards! Loose control of the mind and you run the risk of attracting problems and challenges. Join me on RESET ME 2020 and hear how you can do this.

The Reason -2020 is also the beginning of the second triangle of 2020 - 2022. This triangle can play havoc with the mind and those who tend to overthink could feel more vulnerable. Awareness is the key to managing this trait.

5. Love - 

Love yourself and remember those that truly matter! Put yourself first and then remember your family as work will take over everything. If this is not managed then this could see many people crash during the midpoint of the year. Please don't be one of them. 

You must be vigilant within your heart relationships as it will be easy to lose sight of what matters due to the drive to focus on work. Love matters and this is a year where it will be much easier to lose track of those that matter.

This is the beginning of the emails about the 4 and I can't wait to share more insight in the next email on how you can align your money attraction energy to feel safer.

Please message or email me, if you have any questions about readings, charts or my RESET ME 2020 program.

Happy New Year, Thanks Rosina

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