Money Codes

The single most powerful thing you must master to truly make manifesting work is to value yourself and what you deliver. You must believe in yourself and know your value as this shouts to the heavens that you are worthy of living an abundant life and your rhythm is easier to harness and the flow more organic.

We all have the desire to do well which means we must look for tools that help us align with being more open to receiving. I have asked you to look at your beliefs, which you have done and now it is time to look at your natural rhythms and cycles through numerology, as these rhythms offer immense understanding and contain patterns for you to use and strategise with.

How often at New Year have you proclaimed "how over this last year you are and how ready you are for the new" We can all relate to those years but have you ever wondered why you have them? Recently I had one of the worst personal years and one of my best business years ever. All the men in my family got sick, really sick and one even died and in times of trouble, I turn to spirit. I began to look at patterns, and I began to see the correlation between the years and the numbers, the lessons were everywhere and I was gobbed smacked, as what I found truly worked and I was able to turn my life around. I started to look at those close to me and found something similar with my family and friends and how same patterns occurred for them also. I also knew armed with this information, the right mindset and a new approach you can turn it around and use it to your advantage. In my case I had to trust my family would be OK and not let this stop me in my tracks, which is exactly what I did and it changed everything and why you are reading this.

How often have you had a truly terrible year, then the next year begins and everything runs according to plan and goes your way? We can all agree this happens but is a reason why these patterns occur? why do you repeat the same lessons over and over - I believe there is something you need to discover or learn or overcome.

Each year we know the cycles change and offer different tools and values to align with but some years are more potent to you than others and this next part of "Money Codes" offers you insight into these. We are going to use your year born to access the meanings of these codes as your year born is all about your relationships with life. When we think of relationships, we think of love, family, work, and friends, however, we have relationships with everything. as relationships, all come back to belief and value. We value certain work and business relationships because they benefit us and one of the most powerful relationships we have in life is the relationship we have to wealth and money and how these patterns reoccur over and over.

Your day born brings you your daily lessons to wealth and money and your year born explains the rhythm to these lessons. The year born is also the karmic link to all your relationships including the one you have with your money and wealth.

2020 is the year for getting your money foundations in order and a great year for business. Let me show you how you can maximise yours.

Join me and keep learning about Numerology Wealth.

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